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Fire Protection System

We execute FIRE PROTECTION and FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM on Turnkey basis including complete Design / Engineering as per applicable and universally acceptable Codes and Standards. We design Fire Protection and Detection System as per NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and TAC norms.

We offer following types of Fire Protection Systems.

Hydrant System

Fire Hydrants or hydrant outlets are installed throughout the Power Plants to enable   fire-fighters to connect their hoses to a water supply to fight fires.

Spray & Sprinkler System

  • Spray System: The fire will be detected by Quartzoid Bulb Detector (QBD) or Automatic Heat Detector and Spray System operates automatically through the Deluge Valve.
  • Sprinkler System: Linear Heat Sensing cable / Smoke or Heat Detector detects the fire and sprinklers operate automatically through Installation of control Alarm Valve .Thereby extinguishing the fire.

Fixed Foam System – Fixed Foam System is effective in extinguishing large areas of liquid fire especially fire in oil fields, petrochemical works, oil depots, etc. They are available in low, medium & high foam expansion categories based on the expansion of the foam.

Gas Suppression System -Automatic gas suppression System using Inert Gas for the protection of control room, equipment room, computer room, UPS & Inverter room and other critical electrical & electronic equipment rooms.

Analogue Addressable Fire Detection & Alarm System – Each intelligent fire alarm system is a small computer overseeing and operating a series of input and output devices. We have installed a number of Fire Alarm and Detection Systems for Generation Transformers, Main Oil Tank, Control Rooms, Cable Galleries, Battery Rooms, Coal Conveyors, etc. on various Power Plants.