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Trash Rack Cleaning Machine

Trash Rack Cleaning Machine (TRCM) is used to reliably remove debris (branches, trunks, leaves, grass, bamboo etc.) coming with the water & getting struck on the Trash Racks and blocking the flow of water to ensure unobstructed flow of water to the turbines.

We offers following Trash Rack Cleaning Machines

Hydraulic Trash Rack Cleaning Machine

Available in semi automatic and fully automatic variants.  Operation for raking is completely hydraulic. Positive raking force to pierce thick layer of debris for effective penetration, raking and cleaning hydraulically.
The cleaning length of a hydraulic jib trash rack cleaner has been limited to 15 or 20 meters for techno-economical and architectural (height) reasons..


  • Hydraulic and electric controls are all accommodated inside weather proof control cabin.
  • Rake can be operated automatically (automatic startup can be with  pushbutton, and/or differential level controls) and manually to clean all the trashrack bays with one raking unit.
  • Requires no conveyors. Can dump the raked debris directly into a truck.
  • Flexible – Curved Track as an option.
  • The machine can be supplied with several optional attachments. (i.e. hydraulic gripper, log gripper, cleaning rake etc.)
  • The rake can be used to remove other equipment such as the trashracks or stoplogs for servicing with an optional attachment.
  • Available in Rope Operated and Hydraulic Variants.
  • Low maintenance, with no operating parts permanently submerged.

Cable operated racking machine

We offer a wide range of wire rope operated Trash Raking Mechanisms, designed specifically as an optimized solution for every project. These machines are used where larger depth of intake is to be cleaned.

Features :-

  • Fully automatic machines with provision of manual operation, if required.
  • Raking width from 1m to 6m and for channels from 5m to 20m in depth. Higher    capacity machines can be supplied, if required.
  • Fully customized for a specific site use by use of latest CAD packages.
  • Hoppers/ Tyre mounted trolleys with Hydraulically operated flap for Trash Handling and Disposal to far off site.
  • Also additional features like articulated boom crane for handling logs, over sized debris, stop log panels, etc.