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Gantry Cranes

Deck level rail mounted high capacity lifting gantries and cranes. Our gantry cranes are built to heavy duty specifications, for providing decades of reliable service. Either used indoors or outdoors, gantry cranes are tough performers. The Gantry Crane will be used for operation of Draft tube gate opening or closing for the maintenance purpose and the Rope drum hoist for opening or closing of Intake gate for maintenance purpose.

This Gantry Crane can be divided into following major sub-assemblies:

  • Bottom base frame with transverse movement assembly.
  • Middle column assembly.
  • Top structural Base assembly.
  • Hoist mechanism assembly.
  • Controls & instrumentation.


Following today’s technology, our gates are operated by hydraulic hoisting systems, but also mechanical rope, screw or chain pulley hoists can also be provided. For operation and control of the gates, GMW uses technology and hardware by internationally renowned manufactures, while the necessary logic and software is developed by our own engineers, who are also responsible for the testing and commissioning of our supplies.
The type of lifting device selected depends upon the gate size, the unbalanced head under which the gate will operate, speed of gate travel and frequency of operation. Selection of the lifting device will depend on:

  • The unbalanced head under which the gate is to operate
  • The frequency of operation
  • The distance the slide is to be moved

Types of Hoist

  • Hydraulic Hoist
  • Power Pack
  • Stationary Hoist
  • Movable Hoist